Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thoughts 15/11/15

I've been having a lot of thoughts today and most of them if not all of them are completely unrelated to one another, however I really wanted to write them down and so I will. This will not be an eloquent or cohesive piece in anyway but I really want to start writing more and maybe if I do I'll be able to better organise my brain.

1.) Self Approval
I've been thinking a good deal about this. With the controversy surrounding the negative effects of social media platforms like Instagram and based on reflections on my personal habits I've been thinking about this topic increasingly. I keep asking myself am I really addicted/affected by Instagram so much? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because as I write this I compulsively keep looking to see how many likes my just-posted photo on Instagram is getting. No, because I don't think I'm addicted to Instagram I think I'm addicted to an ego boost. "How many likes do I have compared to someone else?" "How many people follow me?" "Am I less pretty/talented/whatever because I have less likes or follows?" why lie these are questions I've asked myself way more than once. All that being said I do enjoy Instagram, I am genuinely interested in my feed and taking aesthetically pleasing photos. That being said, should I base my self-worth or self-approval? Definitely not. But you know what they say. Easier said than done.

2.) France
The tragedy in France is the type of thing that leaves you bewildered, angry and mournful. I feel so much pain for the families and the loved ones of those that lost their lives but among all this I also feel so much pain for the refugees. The refugees who fled their countries because of these monsters have literally been left with no escape. Undoubtedly the consequences of the events in France will fall upon the innocent refugees whose previously acceptable and peaceful presence will be now be questioned all because of the acts of the demons who already destroyed their lives once. How do you argue against a country which now fears for its own citizens? We live in a world where patriotism overrules humanity. Refugees will be denied entry and hose within the borders will be deported back into the vicious arms of these terrorists who haunt their nightmares. Many people including myself have complained of feeling suffocated or left with no escape and yet that is the physical reality for these refugees who have no place to call home and now because of these cowardly terror tactics they will be further ostracized and punished for a crime they did not commit.

3.) Life in General
Sometimes (mostly in my overly pensive moods) I can't help but wonder what I'm doing with my life and too often or not the answer is I don't know. Its frighteningly easy to recline into a state of passiveness and simply do the things everyone else is doing as that's all that is required of you therefore that is all you do. I want to do more, I want to be more and I want to discover life, the world, and myself but I feel like I just can't do that right now. I tell myself that once I'm out there in the world I will discover more but I feel like that's just another form of procrastination. I haven't even fully discovered my own city. I always say I'm going to go out and explore by myself because there's a certain pleasure you get from doing things alone yet I never do. Well I'm writing about it now so hopefully this gives me no other option rather than to be proactive.
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