Thursday, December 10, 2015

Redecorating my Room

A while back I decided to give my room a little upgrade and I thought I'd share what I did with all of you. I decided I wanted to go for something simple yet personal. 

I kept the walls and my sheets white but I added a wall of poster next to my bed. Most of these were bought online but I tried to keep them all in the same colour scheme so they would look slightly more cohesive. I used the curtains which were already in my room to tie in the different spaces I created within the room which is why I stuck to a beige/tan colour scheme

I also bought some beige and tan pillows from Ikea to tie everything together the ones on my bed fit in nicely with the poster. I also put one on my window ledge to act as a sort of vanity seat. My room is quite small so this area works nicely as I wouldn't have been able to put a conventional vanity table in here. 

I also put a TV console type shelf behind my bed to act as a storage space. This works nicely as it gives the impression of a backboard. To spruce it up a bit I added a fake potted plant on top of the shelf as the green ties in with the hints of colour on my posters. 

Finally, I made a display wall for my polaroids in the far corner. I got some black vinyl adhesive paper from an online store and I stuck it on a beam in my room to draw attention to it. I added some string and clothes pins in front of it to pin my polaroids on. I also strung some fairy lights around the room just to give it an extra touch. 

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