Thursday, December 17, 2015

DIY '2016' Diary

Diaries are ridiculously expensive and I firmly believe one cannot put a price on organization. Year after year I lust after $80 diaries which I simply can't justify buying all while I have a million free but unsightly diaries lying around at home. I decided for 2016 rather than going through the same cycle again I would customise one of my diaries into something I enjoy looking at and using. I hope this gives you some inspiration for any old notebooks or diaries you have lying around.

For the DIY I would recommend some sort of adhesive paper to protect your notebook/diary with just so that in case at the end of the whole thing you decide you don't like the result you can just peel it off without ruining a perfectly good diary. You'll also need some old magazines; I used an old catalog, really anything which has picture or texture that you can layer. Also, you'll need the bread and butter of all DIY's: some glue and scissors.

To begin with I just cut my sticker paper to the right size and laid my diary on top of it. I made some incisions along the sides and in the middle so that I could stick down the corners properly. 
Next, I tore up some of my pages from my catalog and started laying them out. I did some strips in front, alternating between strips from two different pictures, which I thought gave a cool effect. For the back I just tore up some rectangular pieces and laid them all out the way I wanted them to be. This is really the part that's completely up to you; you can try different shapes and colours I tore my paper to give the effect of rough edges but you can cut yours if you want a cleaner look.
After I had all my pieces where I wanted them I began sticking them down. This step is pretty straightforward. Just make sure you get glue all over the edges so you don't have pieces sticking out. I also folded the pieces over the edge so it would be a seamless finish.

In the end this is how I laid out my pieces for the front and back. I think doing something different for both sides is quite interesting and different and adds to the whole "no, this is not a $120 diary off Etsy I actually made it myself" vibe. 
To finish it off and give it that extra 'oomph' I put cut out an extra piece from one of my picture and wrote '2016' on it. I hand-wrote it as I thought it made it a little more personal but you can definitely print yours. Another idea I thought would look quite cool is cutting out larger numbers on white paper to put vertically down the cover to give more of a contrast. I also decided to put some black tape along the edges. The tape just really neatened out the edges and brought the whole thing together. 
And voila! You have yourself a fully customised, one of kind diary which will have your friends drooling and the best part: you didn't have to spend an arm and a leg to get it. 
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