Thursday, February 4, 2016

Boston 2016 Photo Diary

I had the opportunity to go to Boston for the Harvard Model United Nations Conference this month and I thought I'd put some of the best into a photo diary here. It was a pretty short trip, only one week and the better part of it was spent lobbying and drawing up resolutions but we did have moments to explore the city and who would deny the opportunity of seeing a new city? The air was crisp and the trees were barren, the prefect setting for walking down the streets lined with historic buildings and beautiful architecture. By far one of the highlights was the Museum of Fine Arts, I was more than slightly starstruck in a room surrounded by Renoir's, Monet's and Cezanne's and could have spent the whole day there but unfortunately only had an hour. The city of Boston was beautiful and I will certainly go again given the opportunity. 

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