Thursday, February 4, 2016

The World You Criticise

We live in a world of greed and hunger.
Where people are dying but we pay to look younger.
On every street are empty homes,
yet in every dark corner, a man; homeless and alone
We pay our charity and say we've done our part
But who are we fooling with the illusion of a heart.

We pretend to feel, empathise and sympathise
Every bad deed we will criticise.
But wait,  
Are we good for the good of man or for our reputations
We talk of patriotism and then condemn wars between nations
The truth is we do what everyone else does
Follow like sheep; lost, out of control and helpless

We pretend to care so others won't stare
Our kindness is constricted to the limits of society 
At night we think not of others but of our own guilt, depression and anxiety
We do enough so we can justify the rest of our lives
And when the new consumer product is released
we swarm like bees around a hive

Our thoughts are limited to what we are told and what we see
We've blocked out reality and lost our humanity
Your bag may be designer but your heart is poor
Open your eyes, open your door
Outside your limits is a world of pain
Where people would and are killing for grain.

Are we living or just alive?
Was the purpose to inspire or just survive? 
Open your mind, think and the conclusion will arrive
You are the world that you try to criticise.
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