Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mini Zara Haul

Zara brings out new collections faster than I can bat my well mascara'd eye but thats not something I'm complaining about. Zara has always been one of my favourite mid tier brands because though the prices are a little higher the style and quality of the clothes is undoubtedly higher than that of its competitors. 
That being said, lately I had been coming out of Zara the same way I used to out of Toys 'R Us as an 8 year old when I couldn't find the latest toy, highly unimpressed. The clothes seemed to be very standard and nothing inspiring. This was especially disappointing as I've been interested in venturing into trying different clothing styles and going out of my comfort zone. But fret not, Zara redeemed itself entirely in my most recent visit. My only complain was I couldn't decide what to buy and what to leave behind, even though I have a feeling I may be going back for round 2 to pick up the previously abandoned items. 

This time around I only picked up 4 items but I really love all of them. 
I picked up two simple but still really interesting tops. One of them was a black and rainbow coloured tweed number. This tweed top caught my eye because of all the colours and I thought it would be the perfect top to just throw on throughout the spring/summer seasons. 
I also picked up a slightly more subtle cream and beige two tone top. I really liked the exposed stitching on this top and I thought it gave off a really chic vibe. 
I also picked up a dress. Dresses have always been something I've loved wearing but for some reason never owned many of. I'd been looking for some light pink items to add to my wardrobe as I love the colour and fell in love with this frill dress. The frill running down the front makes it really feminine but the fact that it kind of falls loosely makes it easy to dress up or down. 
Last but by no means least, was this Plush Sweatshirt. I fell in love the second I saw it. It was one of those things I had to see to realise I had always needed it. Its a pretty basic white oversized sweatshirt but what makes it so amazing are these wide pinkish lilac fur panels around the sleeves. If there has ever been a physical embodiment of the word plush it is this sweatshirt. I'm telling you now, you need it in your life. 

Thats all for this haul, it was small one but one I was excited for. Rest assured I will be visiting Zara again very soon.

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