Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day Trip to Pulau Ubin

Singapore's nickname 'the Garden City' is not one that should be taken lightly. Speckled throughout the little red dot's map are nature reserves and gardens that leave the sprawling skyscrapers in the dust. While little in Singapore grows untamed be it the cityscape or the landscapes there is a little island off the eastern coast of Singapore known by the name of Pulau Ubin.  

Here stray animals roam the streets alongside the few residents that still inhabit the island. A ferry can be taken from Changi Point Ferry Terminal and it'll land you in right in front of the jetty where you'll be greeted with countless bike rental shops. 

Should you choose to pass by all the vendors offering you the best deal and continue on foot you'll quickly realise theres a wilderness in Pulau Ubin you can't quite capture in mainland Singapore. As you walk past the various quarries scattered around the island you'll see a plethora of creatures scuttling through the foliage. The smell of greenery in the humid air is almost overwhelming as it sticks to the back of your neck. 

Roads line the paths through the island however every few meters an off beaten path appears through the tree barks marked only by the footprints of those who were brave enough to venture off. We chose to climb up one such path, though this had little to do with bravery as we knew that it led to a Instagram famous viewing spot. Known as Chek Jawa, the spot marks the highest natural point in Pulau Ubin. This is where we stopped to take most of our photos. 

All in all it's nice to take a step (or boat ride) out of the manicured mainland and explore the slower paced, wilder off shore islands. 

Rabeyah x

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