Thursday, March 9, 2017

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Global Glow

This is a post that is very close to my heart as it features what I believe is one of my all time favourite makeup products. I had initially picked up this powder looking for a good, subtle highlight that would suit my skin tone, little did I know, this unassuming powder would quickly become a holy grail.

The MAC Mineralize SkinFinish in Global Glow is described as a neutral tan with a silver sheen on the website but never have I read a more underwhelming description. If anything the powder is more of a gold than a silver which is why I think it looks beautiful on warmer skin tones. I will say if you are quite fair this may be too dark for you to work with as a highlight but its perfect for medium skin tones.

The powder itself has quite peachy undertones which makes it such an easy product to sweep on to your cheeks for both colour and glow. I usually apply a little on my nose and forehead as well for highlighting purposes. It's such a silky powder with no chunky glitter which I love as it glides on so smoothly and doesn't give the caked on look of 50 layers of powder. 

Overall I am a big, big fan of this powder and it will undoubtedly hold a prized place in my collection for time to come. 

Rabeyah x

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