Saturday, May 27, 2017

Decorative Accent Trays

Decorating can get difficult for the best of us at times. Sometimes, you just can't pin point what a space needs, you just know it needs something. Accent trays, are that perfect something. 

Admittedly, too much time of my life has been spent fawning over perfectly decorated rooms on Pinterest and stalking flatlay masterpieces on Instagram (we all do it). Many of the pins and posts I started noticing featured decorative accent trays as part of the photo.

They would always be artfully featured, holding a carefully curated collection of items that went together so cohesively without being too obvious about it.
Full of inspiration, I decided to recreate my own and found it to be so easy and beautiful I had to share.

I found my tray second-hand but there are some great ones linked at the bottom of the post.
Once you have your dream tray ready, its as easy as finding items to style on it.
Some of the items I included were; flowers, candles, jewelry boxes, magazines (coffee table books work great too) and some notebooks and planners.
The arrangement is very personal to you and the great thing is its such a an easy piece to change up depending on what's inspiring you at the moment. Think of it as a 3D inspiration board.

I love this as a decoration piece as it still adds a personal touch without making things too cluttered as can happen sometimes with excessive decorating.

Let me know what you think of accent trays and what you would put in yours!




  1. How cute! Need one of these in my home

  2. They're super cute! My room is so disorganised, think I need a couple to get my room organised and still look really stylish!

    1. They really are such a good solution for clutter! (:

  3. They're all so cute!

    Hugs Bella, // Instagram: bellaskoog

  4. love!

  5. I love trays, they just create such a vibe for some space. PS. Have that kate spade agenda :)

  6. so cute, definitely need a tray to help keep me organised!

  7. Ah I love these - they're perfect for paperwork and keeping and office look organised yet look fashionable but also to use as an extra prop when it comes to blog photography!! :)

    Love them! :)

    Layla xx


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