Monday, May 1, 2017

Japan Photo Diary II 2017

As promised here is the second half of my Japan trip as illustrated through my photos. The second part of my trip was one filled with a lot of trains. As Kyoto as our base we took day trips to explore Nara and Osaka as well as a quick visit to Kobe for dinner. After that we spent a full day taking the Shinkansen (and admiring the country's ever-changing, and beautiful vistas) across the country all the way to the northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido where we explored the cities of Sapporo and Otaru.


For me, Osaka ranked among the top of all the cities we got to experience in Japan. It somehow managed to combine the buzzing city feel of Tokyo with the more quaint comfort of Kyoto. We started our day in Osaka at the Dotonbori street for lunch where we sampled a variety of the street food on offer as well as the local speciality; Tako Yaki. With filled bellies we headed to the iconic Osaka Castle. The grounds were so beautiful and it was the perfect crisp weather to admire the rows upon rows of Sakura blossoms. 


Nara was a short journey on the train from Kyoto. The day we chose to go was slightly rainy so it gave the city an almost sleepy mood. The good thing about Nara was that the city's main attractions were directly outside the train station. We stopped for some Ramen along the way to Nara park and it was the perfect meal for a cold, rainy day. The park was filled with deer as promised and it gave the temples and shrines an authentic element which was sometimes lost amongst the hoards of tourists. 


Kobe was on our list purely for having the experience of eating Kobe beef in Kobe. Now I know that kobe beef can be eaten across most of Japan but something about the idea of eating it at its source just felt right. So, we hopped on the train after exploring Osaka and within 15 minutes we were in Kobe (the wonders of the Japanese transportation system). We ate at a teppanyaki restaurant called Ishida and I can die happy knowing I've eaten the best beef in the world. 


Sapporo was a something of a wildcard when I was planning the trip to Japan. I hadn't researched too much on it all I knew was it was too early for spring up in the north so it was good we had our fill of cherry blossoms before we made our way up. It was such an interesting trip up to Sapporo on the train as we could see the changing vistas speeding past in front of our eyes. It was in the train when I realised the beauty and diversity of all the things Japan's landscapes offered. Our first day in Sapporo we were blessed by snow, which personally I found quite exciting having grown up in warm climates all my life. We explored the malls around Sapporo station and feasted on the freshest sushi and most delicious looking fruit cakes and later went down to Odori park for a walk. 

After doing a little research I read about the Moerenuma Park located slightly outside the main city area of Sapporo. The park was designed by artist Isamu Noguchi and featured a lot of modern, interesting elements. It made for a great, relaxed afternoon exploring the grounds and learning more about the artist.

On our last night we also decided to go up the Mt. Moiwa ropeway. It was ranked as one of Japan's best nightscapes and it certainly delivered. The cable car up to the top wasn't the best as they stuffed people in to the brim but the view made it worth it. The weather was predictably, numbingly cold at the top but the lights with the sun setting in the distance was definitely a view that would be hard to forget.


The last city we saw in Hokkaido and in Japan was Otaru. It was only half an hour train ride from Sapporo and the view of the canal was breathtaking. Admittedly, we didn't do too much here besides taking a few pictures along the canal but it really was a sight to see. 

And with that I conclude the Japan 2017 Photo Diary. It was an absolutely beautiful country with so much to see and do and of course, eat. If you've ever thought about visiting Japan I highly suggest you do because I doubt you could leave disappointed.



  1. oh wow, so jealous i've always wanted to go to japan, it looks like you had a wonderful adventure.

    1. It was so lovely definitely go if you get the chance! x


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