Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Japan Stationary Haul

I'm not sure what it is about colourful pens, papers and tapes that appeals to the human psyche but whatever it is made me go absolutely crazy in Japan. I can officially confirm heaven on earth exists and it exists in the form of a Japanese stationary store.

I got most of these items from the large Tokyu Hands store in the Shibuya area. They had 3 floors of an amazing stationary and crafts selection that I fully exploited. I tried to find links to the items which I could but I guess the rest will just have to be appreciated for the beauty. 

Though all the little bits and pieces were just as exciting the true gem among all my purchases was definitely the beautiful PaperBlanks floral journal which I hope to make into a travel journal of sorts. The pattern of the cover immediately sold me and there was no universe in which I could have walked out of the store without that journal in my possession and so here I am 2 weeks later photographing it on my bed.

Washi tape was definitely at the top of the list under the stationary I wanted to pick up in Japan but surprisingly I couldn't find it very easily in Tokyu Hands. Luckily I chanced upon a huge selection of the Mt Washi Tape in a department store called Loft. 

Other than the main items I picked up a few different pens because the never-ending colour co-ordinated selection was just too tempting. I also picked up a few of the Mildliners to add to my ever-growing collection.

Well thats all from me on this stationary-obsessed post. I think I have satiated my inner-pen enthusiast for weeks to come as I enjoy playing around with all my newly acquired purchases, perhaps make a start on that travel journal.



  1. Wow so many cool things. I also obsess over colorful stationary items. Haha
    Awesome post. :)


    1. Good to hear I'm not alone haha! Thank you so much. (:

  2. I know that feeling :D I got most of my washi tapes and stickers in Japan! Good for you!!!


    1. So hard to decide which ones to get! Thanks so much x


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