Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New York Haul: Shoes and Accessories

Recently, I found myself in New York for the week and I may have gone slightly shoe crazy. I didn't end up buying too much in terms of clothes or makeup but for someone with a 5 five shoe collection buying 4 pairs of shoes was really pushing the boat out.

One of my favourite pairs from the haul has to be the Tommy Hilfiger Sneakers (second from the left). I finally conceded that my Superstars had long outlived their lifetime and were due to be replaced. I saw a number of white sneakers while looking around but this pair stood out as something a little different and more statement. There's not too much to say other than these are definitely going to be my new staple shoe.  

My commitment to exploring the city by foot was rewarded when I miraculously managed to stumble upon a Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale. Needless to say I was inside the door before I had finished reading the sign advertising the sale. 
Only ever having experienced sample sales through movies like Confessions of a Shopaholic (what a classic) I was certainly not disappointed by the reality. Bags were being taken from the tables faster than they could be replaced and shoe boxes in every size were strewn across the floor. Amongst all the chaos I managed to pick up two pieces I really liked. 
The first was this Rebecca Minkoff Avery Crossbody in Majorca Blue. It has a saffiano leather finish which is one of my favourite types of leather for small bags, but I think it was the rich blue that really caught my eye and I could see it being styled with jeans so effortlessly. I also picked up the cutest pair of shoes these were the Sloane Pom Pom Sneakers, again super effortless and easy to slip on and go. 

I also had the realisation that my limited shoe collection included absolutely no low, wearable heals so I decided to pick some up from Aldo. The first pair I settled on were the Zusien Heel in Bone Misc, this pair was absolutely stunning in white and this shoe haul would have had five pairs of shoes unfortunately they didn't have my size. I also picked up a pair of Black Clarisse Pumps which have a slightly more rounded toe and higher heel. The black ones are in a suede material so likely they will be saved for evening occasions.

Lastly I decided to pick up some accessories from H&M as they always have a good range at affordable prices. I picked up a gold choker since I quite like the look of chokers though I think the metal version gives a slightly more polished look. I also picked up a few pins, which I thought would be great for sprucing up an outfit. 

And with that, I conclude the haul. It wasn't a huge one but it featured some items that I'm sure will become staples in the near future.

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  1. Great post ! The ALDO shoes <3

    1. Thank you so much! (: I fell in love the second I saw them!

  2. nice it.

  3. Omg jealous! Aldo has come out with such great shoes recently but my favorite shoe featured is the blue pom pom sneakers. Amazing


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