Thursday, June 1, 2017

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House Tokyo

If you know me you would know there are few things I love more than a beautifully decorated cafe. Hunting down the coziest, most picturesque cafes has become somewhat of a hobby when I'm travelling and finding these gems is even more special when it's in a new place. 

The subject of this post came to my attention when I was researching eateries and cafes to visit while in Tokyo. The name Aoyama Flower Market Tea House kept popping up again and again until I finally decided it would be added to the itinerary. I'm so glad we decided to visit as it ended up being one of our favourite places we ate in Tokyo. Though strictly speaking it isn't a cafe as their speciality is in their teas it's an experience one can't miss. 

Located in the glitzy neighbourhood of Omotesando, the exterior of the tea house is marked by the most beautiful flower market, stocked full of blooms in every colour. Once we got to the back where the tea house is located we were greeted by a picturesque setting. There were potted plants hanging from the ceiling and below the tables and small accents of flowers were littered around the place. 

Though the ambience would be enough to bring me back the tea we ordered was extremely fragrant and flavourful (I would recommend the Ispahan tea) and the dessert, well I think the pictures say it all. We ordered the french toast and it certainly did not disappoint. It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet and the garnishes added so many different flavours to the dish. We even ended up buying some of their tea bags to take home.

If you find yourself in Tokyo and need a beautiful place to take a mid-day break I would definitely recommend checking this place out. It's quite a popular spot and queues can be expected at busy times. 

What's your favourite spot you've found during your travels?



  1. Looks amazing!! xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading (: It really was!


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