Sunday, August 13, 2017

Interior Inspiration

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As we speak there are approximately two weeks left until I move into my college dorm. And, if moving half way across the globe to a new country isn't enough I'll also be living in a shoebox sized room with a stranger. You might think it sounds like I'm panicking, well, I am. Kind of. I don't do the whole 9 yards of freaking out, rather, my anxiety is manifested in a slightly different but more aesthetically pleasing way. In the build up to the move I've started scouring furniture and home goods websites to decide what I want to buy for my dorm to make it look less like what it actually is. The result has been a rapidly growing Pinterest board, a list of DIY's that need to be done and a thoroughly curated collage of potential items to buy. Rather than letting the fruits of my anxiety go to waste I thought I'd share some of my inspiration with you.

T H E   B E D

| 1. Bedding | 2. Table | 3. Amethyst Chunk | 4. Rug | 5. Storage Box | 6. Embroidered Pillow | 7. Accent Pillows

T H E   D E S K

This is obviously more of an inspiration board than a concrete shopping list and I'm planning on DIYing a couple of items like my wall art and the floating shelves, which, I'll try doing a post on. Hopefully this will help me next week when I'll be doing all of my shopping and if you want more inspiration on a similar modern-boho style then you can check out my interiors Pinterest board

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