Monday, January 15, 2018

An Upstate Getaway

After a decision to go explore upstate New York and a lot of last-minute research (read: Instagram stalking), me and my friend found ourselves on a 4-hour bus ride to Hunter. Its a small mountainside town in the Catskills comprising of what seemed like just one street. Having only grown up in cities, it was slightly surreal to get dropped off at a gas station only to see a snow covered mountain in front of us. After a few "we made it!" snaps we trudged our way to the end of that one long street to the place we would be staying and possibly the cutest lodge ever. I came across Scribner's Lodge on Instagram and knew immediately that a lodge with such a good feed would have to be good itself and it certainly did not disappoint. We were only there for a night so we decided to go for a nearby hike on our first day. I had read that Kaaterskill Falls was a relatively easy and short hike so we decided to go chasing waterfalls (ha ha). I'm pretty sure we couldn't have looked more out of place if we tried but it didn't matter much as it felt like we had the entire forest to ourselves. It was so nice to be out in the middle of nowhere with clean air and good company. I'd also never seen a forest like this (or a real waterfall) so it was such a cool experience. Back at the hotel we had dinner at the in-house Prospect restaurant and bar, where the burger was delicious and then we headed to the outside deck to make our complimentary s'mores. The entire lodge was so cozy at night especially since the lobby was like the living room/library of dreams (see above). After a cozy game of scrabble by the fireplace we headed to bed happy and warm. The next day was mostly a chill day in the lodge taking photos and enjoying the lodge before we had to head back to the chaos of the city. It was such a good trip and now I want to go explore all the cozy spots nearby.

The hiking trail and Kaaterskill Falls

The in-house Prospect restaurant and bar 

Our amazing two-story room

Breakfast at the restaurant (the pancakes were so good!) 

Sunrise from the back deck over Hunter Mountain

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